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How to plan your trip

Within the Cultivation clan you can visit either a:

  • Plantation
  • Processing plant
  • Factory

Visit a Rooibos farm and experience firsthand the planting, harvesting, chopping, fermenting and processes of rooibostea. Touch, smell and feel the plant in nature.  Take some pictures in rooibosfields and enjoy our healthy products. Planting takes place during the winter rainfall season- July and August.  Harvesting season is during our hot summers months - January to March. Or visit a Rooibos factory and see the process of grading, sieving, sterilizing and packaging of rooibostea.

Click on a green dot on the map (you can zoom in or out) and see what this cultivation member has to offer.  All the contact details, business hours and options available are on members' pages.

  • Carmien - plantation, processing plant and factory.
  • Rooibos Ltd - factory shop and video
  • Skimmelberg - plantation, processing plant and factory
  • Wupperthal - plantation

Happy travelling. If in doubt, contact Rooibos Route information office at the Rooibos Teahouse.

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