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Klawer Wine Cellar
Franci Nortje

: +27 27 216 1530
Cell: 060 526 7230
Fax: +27 27 216 1561
Address: Birdfield farm N7, Klawer, Western Cape

Operating hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00, Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00

GPS: -31.792877, 18.626463


Muscat de Frontignan, or Muscadel as it is referred to locally, has the potential to produce wines of incredible richness and character when grown in the right place. One of these places is the Olifants River region close to the West Coast of South Africa. Here, a warm, dry climate enables Muscadel to reach very high levels of sugar ripeness and flavour concentration. The grapes are left on the vine until they start to shrivel by which time they have developed flavours of raisons, dried fruit, citrus peel and honeysuckle. After harvesting a period of skin maceration allows for these exotic aromas to be absorbed in the juice before the juice is preserved by adding grape spirits to it. This not only raises the alcohol level to between 15 and 17 %, but it also prevents fermentation of the sugar in the juice. The result is a viscous liquid, bursting with flavour and rich and concentrated upon tasting.

Klawer African Ruby is a prime example of such a Muscadel, but with the addition of another speciality of the Olifants River, Rooibos tea. The Muscadel is infused with rooibos during its maturation process and this imparts a hint of rooibos to the flavour of the Muscadel. It would be fair to say that Klawer African Ruby is the liquid form of the best the Olifants River has to offer! It can be enjoyed all year round, in winter in front of the fire or in summer as part of a cocktail or just as it is on crushed ice.

Visitors can also taste and purchase award-winning wines at the Klawer Wine Cellar that is situated alongside the N7.  The Klawer Winery produces mainly white, red and dessert wines.

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